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Thermal Inspections

Drone based infrared inspections allow for safe, quick, and thorough inspections of live electrical systems, finding failing components before they result in an outage.

Oil & Gas Inspections

Fenris Electric Systems is very experienced in electrical distribution inspections at oil and gas terminals. These inspections have resulted in better site safety, less production outages, and assisted with maintenance budget planning.

LiDAR Reporting

Fenris Electric Systems has completed multiple substation LIDAR missions, delivering extremely high quality, colorized point cloud data, formatted and classified to our customers specifications. This quick response capability has assisted our customers with verifying conductor height after new builds and after new circuits have been added to existing substations.

Manhole Inspections

Fenris Electric Systems can provide 3D laser scans of electrical vaults. The resulting 3D model is accurate to 1mm, allowing for measurements of cracks or defects, and for measurements of conduits and conductors. This is an extremely safe way to get highly accurate inspection data, as nobody needs to enter the manhole at any time. 

Electrical Vaults

Drone inspections of electrical vaults offer a quick, safe way to perform a very thorough inspection, without needing to take an outage on the circuits, and without the need for confined space permits, as nobody needs to enter the vault.

Other Inspections

Aerial inspections can find defects before they become an outage, providing rapid response, valuable defect data. The inspection is very thorough, as the drone is able to inspect insulators and other aerial equipment from multiple angles.


Autonomous Communications Systems Consulting

  • Fenris Electric Systems provides wireless network architecture design for Autonomous Systems consulting

Drone System Consulting

  • We can help you create your own drone inspection program, including hardware and software selection and training

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